Supporting Your Child At Home

At Holly Lodge we aim to work in partnership with parents to support children’s learning. Should you ever have any concerns about how your child is progressing or feel you need some ideas for helping help your child with their learning, please talk to your child’s class teacher.

We hope that you find the following useful to help you support your child’s learning.

Our Curriculum
Our Curriculum Pages give you the latest information about what the children are learning at school. Visit the Class Pages to view specific topics and news for your child's year group.

There is additional help for topic type work in our Holly Lodge Resources Pages.

We have pages for helping with reading at home and the types of questions you can ask your child while reading with them:

Reading At Home

For information about reading lists and books, view our Love Reading 4 Schools page.

We have similar pages for helping with Maths:

Helping With Maths


I-Learn Videos

Some of our teachers and children have been recording videos about the way we do things in school. For some information about how we teach Maths, look at the I-Learn Maths pages.

If your child likes to learn through play, then please visit our Kids' Zone area which covers all the subjects we teach. This area includes times table practise!


Emotional Help

Our CaMHS counsellor, Jill Pretorius, came and gave a presentation to parents about supporting your anxious child, please find the presentation below:

Supporting your anxious child 

Homework Help

The following websites are designed to help parents/carers support their child's education.

Surrey County Council's website offers guidance from their Educational Psychology Team on a variety of topics, including learning at home, exam stress, increasing self-esteem and organising skills.

Surrey County Council also provides information on supporting your child with Maths, including developing numeracy skills and Mathematical games and activities.

The BBC offers a website for parents/cares to support their children’s education, including helping develop basic learning skills at primary school.

BBC Bitesize is a website that provides learning and revision resources.

The BBC Website has some excellent activities and information for children.


Additional Links:

Family Lives
Family Lives is a charity with over three decades of experience helping parents to deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life.

Government Links:

A Guide to Supporting Reading For Parents of Primary School Children

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