School Day Timings

School Day Timings

The school gates open at 8.30am. Parents are responsible for children until the first bell rings. A member of staff will be on the playground at 8.40am.

Reception Children should be accompanied to the Reception Garden entrance with their parents. Other year groups are expected to make their own way in to class. Parents are not permitted to accompany them.

The first morning bell rings at 8.40am when children are allowed to  make their way to the classroom and prepare for the day. The second bell rings at 8.50am and children should be ready for registration. Those who arrive after this time, should sign in via the School Office and will be marked as Late on the register. Children arriving after 9.10am will be marked as missing registration; this will affect their overall attendance.

School Playground

Children (including siblings) are not permitted to use any of the play equipment or adventure playgrounds before or after the school day. These areas are solely for use during break times.

Break time/Lunch time

There is a short 15minute break for all children at 10.30. (For the 1st half term, Year R children go to break at 10.15am.) Infant children go into the hall for lunch at 12.00 and Junior children go in from 12.15 onwards.

End of School Day

The school finishes at 3.15pm. At the end of the day, Infant children will be accompanied on to the playground by their class teacher who will ensure they go to the correct adult. Reception parents should wait next to the Reception Garden gate. Junior children are dismissed from their class and will make their own way onto the playground to meet you.

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