Holly Lodge Primary Academy has 415 children on roll. It has a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 60. Children enter the Reception Class aged between four and five. Admission is without reference to ability or aptitude and is on the basis of equal opportunities. Surrey County Council operates our admissions into Reception and we then operate a waiting list for all year groups and when a year group is full and a place is requested, applicants need to apply to the school to find out the situation.

Admissions Criteria

The Kite Academy Trust is the admission authority for all its academies. Full details of the Trust's admissions arrangements can be found here:

Kite Academy Trust Admissions Page

The allocation of school places at initial entry (Reception) has been delegated to the Local Authority School Admissions Team. Waiting lists and in-year admissions are managed locally by our academies in accordance with our published admission arrangements. 

During the autumn term and the following early spring term, prospective parents are invited to attend one of our guided tours to meet the Headteacher and see the school in action. These dates can be found on the school calendar and are also listed below.





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