School Uniform


Dress    (optional) 

Green & white gingham
Sweatshirt/Cardigan    Green with logo (logo optional)
Socks                                                 Grey,    black, white or green
Trousers/Shorts   Grey or charcoal
Polo shirt  White (logo optional)



Uniform style trousers    Grey or charcoal
Skirt or Pinafore dress  Grey
Sweatshirt/Cardigan           Green with logo (logo optional)
Polo shirt  White (logo optional)
Socks Grey, black, white or green (no trainer style socks)
Tights                                                Grey or green


PE Kit

All PE Kit should be non-branded.

PE Bag  Bottle green or black

Bottle green


White (logo optional)
Sweatshirt                                       Dark colours (no hoods) (eg. Navy, black, grey)
Jogging bottoms   Dark colours Trainers (no plimsolls)


Hair below the shoulder must be tied back with a hair bobble or basic scrunchie. Long fringes should be kept away from the eyes using hair clips. The only acceptable colour for hair accessories and Alice-style hairbands are black, dark green or brown. Large bows are not permitted. Hair should be of a natural colour (not-dyed) and not be cut or styled in any extreme way and shaved lines in the hair are not permitted.

Jewellery and Accessories

The only jewellery allowed is a watch and simple plain stud earrings. It is recommended that pupils remove earrings, where possible, when participating in PE lessons or other sporting events. If pupils cannot remove their earrings, they are permitted to cover them with tape or plasters. This must be done by the pupils themselves or by a parent before coming into school. School staff are not permitted to tape ears on behalf of pupils, nor can we provide tape. Tape or plasters from home must be used. Nail varnish is not allowed.


Infant children do not require a rucksack; a book bag alone is sufficient. If Junior children wish to bring a bag, please ensure it is of a suitable size and not too large as space is limited in the cloakroom areas.

School Uniform is available at Brenda’s online at, or from their shop at 130 Frimley Road, Camberley Surrey, GU15 2QN. Alternatively it can be bought online via



All shoes must be black or navy with laces, Velcro or buckle fastening. Slip on shoes which fully cover the front of the foot (loafer style) are permissible but ballet style pumps are not acceptable. Black trainers or boots are also not acceptable.                                        

Pre-Loved Uniform Information

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