Physical Education

updated 5/11/2014

Physical Education at Holly Lodge

Early Years

In the Foundation stage when the children are in Reception the main objectives are for the children to learn how to use their bodies and move in different ways, exploring balancing and moving over and under different things. The topics that we cover are Dance, Gymnastics and Aerobics when indoors. In Dance the children get the opportunity to explore how to move their bodies to different kinds of music, and consider how the music makes them want to move and what feeling it emotes. In Gymnastics the children learnt a range of different rolls and balances and then use the apparatus to develop climbing and travelling skills. Our final topic of aerobics encourages the children to get fit and healthy through doing a range of aerobic type movements, like the box step and jumping jacks.

Outdoor PE in the Early Years focuses on developing the children’s spatial awareness and helps them to be able to negotiate space effectively. We teach the children a range of skills from throwing and catching balls to using hockey sticks to control and dribble a smaller ball. We also explore a range of athletic activities and enjoy preparing for Sports day in the Summer term by practicing activities like skipping and using space hoppers.

Key Stage 1

In Year One and Two the children will continue to develop skills like running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as balance, agility and co-ordination. They will be given a range of opportunities to use and apply these in activities such as games, gymnastics and dance. Within the dance topic the children will build on their movement skills, progressing into making sequences of movements and putting them to music.

Within the ‘Games’ topic the children will be taught skills of attack and defence and will be playing team games such as hockey to apply these skills. Taking part in these games will also teach the children important skills of working together, encouraging the children to cooperate, take turn and work as a team to achieve a goal.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 the children will continue to develop their skills of movement and will further improve on putting sequences of movements together. The development of flexibility, coordination, strength, control and balance are key at this stage and will be applied in all units of learning particularly gymnastics where the children will use mats to roll and balance in different ways.

In Key Stage 2 the children are encouraged to take part in more competitive games such as football, rugby and netball and use and further progress their tactical skills of attack and defence.

Within Key Stage 2 the children will also be given the opportunity to take part in Outdoor and Adventurous activities where they will work both independently and as part of a team.

Throughout each topic the children will be encouraged to look at their own performance and reflect on how they could improve to achieve their ‘personal best’. These are important skills for the children to develop not only to see how they can get better but also for resilience and determination, seeing that they need to analyse what they are doing to know how to get better and understanding that there are always improvements to be made. 

Updated 23/6/2014

Sporting Achievement Award for Holly Lodge - Silver Award

We are delighted to announce that Holly Lodge were assessed this week by a representative of the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark award scheme.

Sarah Williams, Surrey School Games Organiser said:

“Holly Lodge Primary School are a 2 form entry school with over 400 children but cater exceptionally well for them all. Their PE and School Sport programme is extensive with over 10 sports offered each year both on and off the curriculum. The school is fortunate enough to have a full time PE teacher Mrs Underwood who manages the PE and School Sport programme magnificently and the variety of opportunities children access at Holly Lodge is admirable – a well deserved Silver Mark achieved, congratulations!”

Congratulations and thanks to Mrs Underwood, Miss Sutcliffe and Mr Josey for their efforts in achieving this splendid award.

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