Physical Education

PE at Holly Lodge

Holly Lodge School recognises the importance of physical activity for the well - being of its pupils; wishing to enhance pupils’ self - esteem and self-confidence through a wide variety of movement activities.
PE & Sports should adopt and develop positive attitudes towards sharing, co-operation, personal development and competition in active situations whether they are festivals, competitive games or free for all.

We believe that the teaching of PE & Sports promotes an understanding and knowledge in children of their bodies involving thinking, selecting and applying skills which help support a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. This assists them to make informed choices about physical activity throughout their lives.

The aims of PE & Sports are:
• to provide physical education as part of the curriculum for all pupils,
• to enable pupils to work and play with others in a range of group situations,
• to encourage pupils to develop physical skills with increasing co-ordination and control,
• to teach pupils to understand and recognise how their bodies feel during exercise,
• to expand pupils enjoyment of physical activity through creativity,
• to build on the way pupils perform and apply rules for different activities,
• to develop pupils greater understanding of how to be successful in different physical activities and how to assess their own success,
• to develop pupils social awareness towards health and physical fitness.

Teaching and learning style

• To ensure that all staff have access to continuing professional development in physical education through the provision of a systematic programme linked to schools improvement issues.
• To apply a variety of teaching approaches to ensure that all pupils learning styles are catered for.
• To teach and build on each child’s previous experiences.
• To teach PE & Sports as a practical subject but also provide structured lessons so children can development a team or individual sport.

Early Years
Early Years are now following a programme that will help the children with movement and space, understanding health and body awareness and being introduced to equipment from an early age.

KS1 & KS2
Years 1 to 6 are now following a programme called Rising Stars Champions. It is a Sports, Fitness and Health programme for with a holistic approach to the teaching of PE, which improves fitness, develops skills and deepens knowledge of health and well-being.

Each Year group now has a detailed timetable, lesson plans with clear lesson objectives and expected lesson outcomes, equipment details and Champions resources details.
We also pride ourselves on the year group transitions so as the children move up through the different year groups the PE & Sports develop with them.

Sports Clubs
At Holly Lodge we offer a variety of after school clubs ranging from parent paid clubs to free teacher lead clubs. These encourage the children to further develop their skills in a range of activities. Details of clubs activites are sent out at the beginning of each year/term whilst also making sure the club fits the appropriate time of year. We currently offer the following clubs: Netball, Football, Areobics, Benchball, Dodgeball, Floorball, Hockey, Dance, Rugby, Fencing & Archery, Cricket, Cross Country, Athletics, Basketball, Physifun and Multi Skills games. We are always listening to our pupil voice so we are delivering sport clubs that our children want.

Fixtures/ Competitions/ Festivals
The school plays regular fixtures against other local schools and participates in area competitions or festivals. This introduces a competitive element, a sense of team spirit and co-operation amongst the pupils. This also allows pupils to practice the skills learned in their lessons.
Sports Crew & Sports Council
At Holly Lodge we pride ourselves on our young leaders. We have active Sport Crew members in Years 5 & 6 who run games on all our playgrounds at break and lunch times. We hold Disco Friday at lunch time where our pupils get to enjoy and dance also to their favourite tunes. They also help out out events we lead.
Our Sports Council keeps us informed with what our children want in our school.

At Holly Lodge we pride ourselves on how well we engage our children with PE & Sports.
We continue to listen to our children’s needs, provide every opportunity for them to develop their game or passion of PE & Sport.
We make sure our children transition through year groups with their PE & Sport and work very closely with our local secondary schools so our children can confidently leave us ready for the next step into PE & Sports.

We also hold a Gold Status in Active Surrey School Games Mark and hold 3 Stars in recognition of our achievements in PE & Sport.

Finally, The Daily Mile has come to Holly Lodge. We have been very fortunate and have our very own all- weather track that all our children and staff can complete The Daily Mile. We are currently running around the world and off to the moon very soon.



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