Useful Information for Parents

Useful Information for New Parents


The school gates open at 8.30am. Parents are responsible for children until the first bell rings. A member of staff will be on the playground at 8.40am.

Reception Children should be accompanied to the Reception Garden entrance with their parents. Other year groups are expected to make their own way in to class. Parents are not permitted to accompany them.

The first morning bell rings at 8.40am when children are allowed to make their way to the classroom and prepare for the day. The second bell rings at 8.50am and children should be ready for registration. Those who arrive after this time, should sign in via the School Office and will be marked as Late on the register. Children arriving after 9.10am will be marked as missing registration; this will affect their overall attendance.


School Playground

Children (including siblings) are not permitted to use any of the play equipment or adventure playgrounds before or after the school day. These areas are solely for use during break times.


Break time/Lunch time

There is a short 15minute break for all children at 10.30. (For the 1st half term, Year R children go to break at 10.15am.) Infant children go into the hall for lunch at 12.00 and Junior children go in from 12.15 onwards.


End of School Day

The school finishes at 3.15pm. At the end of the day, Infant children will be accompanied on to the playground by their class teacher who will ensure they go to the correct adult. Reception parents should wait next to the Reception Garden gate. Junior children are dismissed from their class and will make their own way onto the playground to meet you.


Drive through and Parking

There is no parking for parents in the school. Parking is available along Stratford Road (at the areas where there are no restrictions), and in Carrington Lane car park. The drive through area is designed to have a continuous flow of traffic, therefore there must be no parking at any point before or after school. It is solely for the use of Junior children. There is no stopping allowed in this area and vehicles must be accompanied at all time. The drive-through is open in the morning for drop off, and after 4pm for collection from After School clubs. However, as cars cannot be left unaccompanied, it is only suitable for junior children.


A full list of our school uniform can be found here, parents/, on the Holly Lodge website in the New Parents section.
We ask that children take pride in their appearance and come to school each day smartly and appropriately dressed. Girls hair should be tied up, if below the shoulder, and only plain or green hair ties are suitable. Hair pieces ie. Bows, should be dark or school coloured and small in size. Boys hair should be smart, and no shorter at the sides than a Grade 4.

School Lunches

Reception and KS1 children are currently entitled to Free School Meals. All children can have either a packed lunch or hot school dinner which is chosen on a daily basis by each child. There are three meal choices each day which are usually a meat dish, a vegetarian dish or jacket potato. Payments (for KS2 pupils) must be made in advance and must be paid online. To pay online, please speak to the office who will be able to provide you with access details. If your child has any dietary requirements, please obtain the necessary form from the office.

Packed Lunch

We ask that the children make healthy choices with their lunch so please do not include chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks. As we have children with nut allergies, any products that contain nuts are not permitted in school.

Other Food and drink

Children are asked to bring a bottle of plain water for use during the school day in a named bottle. Infant children may opt in to the School Milk scheme, full details are on the school website. Infant children are also provided with a free piece of fruit by the government scheme.

Junior children can bring in a piece of fruit from home for break time or we have a healthy tuck shop. Tokens for the tuck shop can be purchased on a Monday morning at a cost of £1.50 for 5 tokens.

PE Kit

We ask that kits remain in school all the time and are taken home at the end of each half term for washing. As we go outside throughout the year, you may wish to provide a tracksuit (without a hood), in a plain, dark colour.

School Newsletter

We regularly send out a school newsletter via email. This will update you on all the events and activities taking place in the school. Please provide your email address to the office to ensure that you receive it. We also upload a copy to the school website together with any urgent updates. The school website address is Please note that this is our primary means of notifying you of events that will affect your child. It is very important that you check the information and dates regularly.

Online Payments

We are a cashless school. Any trips or dinner money payments must be paid via our online payment system, When you start at the school, we will provide you with details of how to sign up.

Online Booking System

We currently operate an online booking system for trips, events and clubs. More details will be provided when your child participates in their first trip. We also use the same system for booking parents evening appointments.

Parent Contact Information

Please let us know in writing if any of your contact information changes, particularly mobile phone numbers. Please ensure that you advise the office of the names of any friends or relatives who are going to regularly collect your child. If anyone different from those previously named is picking up your child, please ensure that the office is informed by 1.00pm.

Class Reps

Each class will have a representative who should be able to assist you with day to day queries or advise who to speak to. They also attend a termly meeting where they can communicate any general feedback on school matters. Any urgent queries should initially be addressed to your child’s teacher.

Child Absence / Illness

If your child is unwell, on the first day of the absence, you must contact the school before 9.15am. There is a ‘Report an Absence’ button on the Home page of our website. When completed, this automatically sends an email to the school office. Alternatively, you may telephone the school office and report the absence. The office is staffed from 8am and there is a dedicated messaging service for absence.

In cases of diarrhoea and/or vomiting, your child cannot return until 48hours after the last episode. This is to reduce the spread of infection.

Should your child require prescription medication during school time, you will need to complete a medication request form which can be downloaded from the school website. We do not routinely give Paracetamol or other pain killers and do not keep it in the school. If your child requires anti-biotics 4 times a day, we can administer these. If the dose is 3 times a day, then we request that it is given before school and after school. If your child requires an inhaler, then we request a medical form is filled in and these are stored in an accessible place in the first aid room so that children are able to get these themselves as required.

School Grounds

There are three entrances into the school, The Main Entrance with the intercom system, the side gate through to the Carrington Lane Car Park, and the rear gate at the back corner of the playing fields. Each of these are open from 8.30am until 9.00am each morning and from just after 3.00pm in the afternoons. They are then locked again at 3.30pm for the security of those children attending clubs. At all other times parents must use the Main School entrance and the intercom to gain entry to the school. If your child is late, they must be accompanied to the Office where they will need to be signed in.

Carrington Lane Car Park is owned and managed by Ash Parish Council. We ask that all parents exercise great care as there are obviously a lot of children using the facility. Please also only park within the marked spaces and not on the double yellow lines, otherwise Ash Parish Council may withdraw the facility.

Parent Helpers

We are delighted to welcome parents to help at school, however you will need to have a valid DBS. If you anticipate helping on a regular basis, please contact the office to obtain the necessary paperwork, (this can take 6-8 weeks to come back.)

When visiting the school, please sign in and out at Main Reception and obtain a visitor’s badge.

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