Parent's Evening Booking System

The Parents' Evening Booking System will be open for taking appointments at the next Parent's Evening.

You will be able to book an appointment with your child's teacher, SENCO, the Deputy Head or the Head Teacher. Your child's teacher should be automatically assigned. Once you have made an appointment with the class teacher, you can then choose 'Add Teacher' as an option to make an appointment with Mrs Dancer or Mr Meakin.

You will need to enter a few simple details to proceed with booking your appointment(s) including your own details and email address, your child’s name and their date of birth. You should be able see all siblings listed, however if you cannot see siblings please make a booking for one child, then log in again separately to book for the other child.

If you are unable to go online and make an appointment, please see your child's class teacher or the school office, and they will be able to make the appointment for you. Please note that teachers/office staff will only able to make appointments after the online booking system has opened.

Clicking on the link below will open a new window and take you to the booking system.

Parents Evening Booking System

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