Daily Mile Track

17th October 2014

I am delighted that  the workmen have arrived and are about to start work on our mile track. The track area is being excavated and laid with an all weather surface. It is expected that the track will take 5 days to complete plus a few days to dry out. We should be fully up and running by the time we start back after half term. Just a reminder that Carrington Lane gate at the bottom of the field will be closed while the work is taking place. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused during the works. 

Keep an eye on this page for updates and photographs. 

Mile Track 1   Mile Track 2

17/10/18 - The field is all fenced off and the track has been measured out.                               18/10/18 - Digging has started! 

Thanks goodness the weather is being kind to us today, The workmen are here and have measured up the track. All has been approved and digging has started. The children have taken a keen interest and watch the work in anticipation of being able to use the track.  

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