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The Governing Body 2017 - 2018

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Andy Green (Chair)

I have been a governor at Holly Lodge for 10 years, originally elected as a parent governor and now appointed as co-opted. I am currently on the Standards Committee and also responsible for governor monitoring of maths and behaviour. I joined as a governor as I wanted to put something back into the community and support education utilising my skills and experience gained as an IT consultant, whilst also having the opportunity to develop new skills in a completely different environment. I am also a member of Holly Lodge School Association. Interests include mountain biking, camping and sampling real ale.


Elliot Ammar (Vice-Chair)

Holly Lodge Primary School is truly representative of the community it serves, so as someone who lives in the local area and has a son who has just started his journey in education I am really proud to be one of it's Parent-Governors. I sincerely hope my previous experience of being secondary school teacher and Science Department Head, and now as manager at The Sixth Form College Farnborough, will make a positive impact on the school.


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Anne Ross

I have been associated with Holly Lodge for more than thirty years. Originally as a member of the teaching staff appointed as a year leader and to help promote mathematics throughout the school. During my teaching career I became more involved in management and eventually became the Deputy Head. I have served as a governor for many years initially, prior to my retirement in 2005, as a Teacher Governor. Most recently as a governor I have chaired the Resources Committee. I have seen many changes in education and have been pleased to support Holly Lodge in ensuring that the welfare of all the school community has always been paramount during any new initiative.


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Steve Meakin (Head Teacher)

I have worked in education for more than 20 years, and joined Holly Lodge as the Head Teacher in September 2015. Our Governors play a vital role in the running of our school, making key decisions and upholding our values. I am proud to work with our governing body, as Holly Lodge continues to go from strength to strength.


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Rachel Boys (Staff Governor)

I have a long history with the school, Holly Lodge means a lot to me. I attended the school for three years when it was a still a middle school, and I chose Holly Lodge for my two-week Secondary school work experience placement as a teaching assistant. In my central administrative role in the school office, I am able to bring together views from parents, staff and pupils. By being involved in various aspects of the school, I love feeling that I am really part of the school “family”. I live locally with my husband and young daughter, who has recently joined Holly Lodge as a pupil. My hobbies include travel, art, ancient history, and any holidays which combine all of these at once!


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Alan Hobson (Co-opted)

I joined the Holly Lodge governing body in 2014 after seeing an advert online. i work in the rail industry and have experience in customer service, people and project management. Since joining Holly Lodge I have served on the standards and staffing committees. I have also attended Year 6 residential trips which give me a great insight to how the children and staff interact. I am also an active volunteer in Scouting. I am responsible for supporting leaders in Buckinghamshire running an active program for 10 to 14 year olds. I am also part of the adult training team where I deliver training courses to new adult volunteers.


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Kevin Josey (Co-opted)

I first joined Holly Lodge in October 1992 to assist with the school football team as their coach and match day referee, this progressed into me taking on the full roll myself two afternoons a week as the after-school football coach which I still cover today along with cricket during the summer months. During my time at Holly Lodge I have covered various rolls within the school, I joined the then Parent/Teachers Association helping to raise valuable funds for the school and after three years I became the chairperson and continued for a further period of two years. In early 2002 I joined the schools Governing Body as a Parent Governor and remained in post for nine years, also I was employed as an HLTA covering PE lessons for years three to six for a period of 5 years, during these five years I went back to college and achieved a full BA Hon’s in Education. My current role is a Community Governor overseeing Health & Safety, Security & Premises. I have experienced many changes within the school during my 24 plus years and I am pleased to say that I have enjoyed the experience and delighted that I have been able to support the school and the welfare of all associated.


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Carol Pedley (Associate Governor)

I obtained my Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Birmingham University but my but my initial career was with the Agricultural and Food Research Council. I worked at the Foot and Mouth Disease Centre in Pirbright for several years. I joined the staff at Holly Lodge in 1998 and my initial role was to support a child with special needs. I then worked across the school as a Teaching Assistant. I have also worked as an intervention teacher and have trained to teach children with children with reading difficulties. I am now the school’s SENDCo (Special Needs and Disability Coordinator) but my role has expanded to include all our disadvantaged children and I am part of the Senior Leadership Team. I became a governor in 2002. My three children all attended Holly Lodge and have very fond memories of their time there.


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Chris Todd (Co-opted)

The Governing Body has overseen many changes in recent years, including the change of Head Teacher and the move to become an academy. During my time as a Governor, I have served on the Resources Committee as well as the Full Governing Body and have carried out other roles along the way. My favourite part of being a Governor is, without doubt, meeting and talking to the fantastic children and staff at Holly Lodge – it is always a pleasure. I work at Rushmoor Borough Council, within the Democratic Services Department and also serve Hampshire Fire and Rescue as a Firefighter. I am married and have 2 children who both currently attend Holy Lodge. My interests include running, gardening and watching my beloved Aldershot Town FC. I believe Holly Lodge has an incredibly bright future and it is a rewarding to feel that I may have played a small part in getting the school to the level it is at.


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Vibeke Clark (Parent Governor)

I have lived in Mytchett since 2008 and currently have 2 children in Year 4 and 6 at Holly Lodge. I have in the past helped out during school hours as a parent-helper, and am currently the class rep for Year 3 and Year 5, and the Secretary at the Holly Lodge After School Club. My background is in Business Travel, having worked for the last 20 years in various Travel Data Management roles. In 2005, I gained my MBA at Portsmouth University and have since undertaken may external training courses on Project Management/Process Management, and will in 2018 undertake a certification in Communication Management. I now use all these skills in my exciting new role as Parent Governor at Holly Lodge.


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Clare Freeman (Clerk to the Governors)

I was appointed Clerk to the Governors at Holly Lodge in May 2016, and I currently Clerk two other schools within the Kite Academy Trust. I have always worked in educational administration, most recently as a Primary School Business Manager, having started my career in University Administration. I have 3 children and one grandchild. Good family values, and all stages of education are very important to me. I do my best to support the Governing Body in their crucial role within the school .


Minutes of Governing Body meetings are available for inspection at the school by appointment with the Clerk. Application should first be made to the Headteacher.

All governors and the clerk can be contacted via the school address.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via email:

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