Working with Step by Step

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Visiting the Charity Step by Step

I wonder how many of you remember all the food donated at Harvest? It was all donated to Step by Step, a charity in Aldershot. James Dowdell, Daisy Maidment, Charlie Gibbs and Amelia March were lucky enough to be picked to visit step by step!

Step by Step is a charity that helps young homeless people, from the age of 11 to 25. Step by Step also give advice to young people if needed. It is mostly teenagers with problems at home. Police and the council often recommend step by step.

When people arrive at step by step they are given an interview to find out their backgrounds and then shown to a step one room.

Step by step is split into two sections. Step 1 and step 2. Step 1 is a small bedroom with an en suite, wardrobe and a desk for those in college. While you are in step one you share a kitchen with 14 other young people. They take it in turns to cook in pairs using the food we donated –meals like spaghetti Bolognese and macaroni cheese. If they haven’t got enough money for food they can’t get any, so the things we donate are very helpful. They also share a living room. You stay in step 1 for 6 months. Step 2 is a flat that you share with three other people. There are: four bedrooms, a laundry room, a kitchen/ dining room/ living room (there was pizza in the oven when we visited. It smelt very good!) When you move up to Step 2 you then have to buy your own food. Your flat is then checked every week by a member of staff (this also happens in step 1). Down stairs is a computer room. All the computers were donated by Farnborough Tec 6th form. Here young people look for jobs, write CV’S, catch up on the latest music on YouTube, go on face book or just generally play games! The Staff helps when finding a job, practising interviews and writing CV’S. Only 4 people in step by step have gone to university (which is quite sad!)

Step by Step offer a range of courses for the young people’s future. Including: Money management, healthy eating, fitness, confidence building and loads more! One our visit to step by step we met a lovely girl called Halinda who told us all about step by step! She told us about how the courses had helped her build her confidence. She is now able to talk in front of thousands of people all about step by step and how it helped her! When she started living there she was too shy to talk to anyone! We also went to see where all the food was stored. Can you spot the food you donated?

Thank you to step by step for inviting us to look round, thank you to Mrs Butler for showing us everything, thank you to Mrs Dancer for taking us and thank you for all donating food! Step by step are very grateful!

By Amelia and Daisy

The children made a presentation about their visit to Step by Step

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