Walk Once A Week

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What is it and why are Holly Lodge taking part?

Living Streets are a charity, who have organised the ‘Walk Once a Week’ scheme to encourage children to become more active and raise awareness of the importance of being healthy and fit. At Holly Lodge we want to promote a positive attitude to being active and help the children in becoming fitter and more active. We will be taking part in this for the whole of the Spring and Summer term, and are really hoping that we see an improvement in how physically active our children are.

By getting your children more active each day it is giving them a brighter start to the morning, helping them to be more alert and ready to learn. As well as improving their health and decreasing congestion on the roads.

Each day your child will be asked how they got to school.

The choices they are given are:

  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Scooter
  • Bus*
  • Rail*
  • Car*
  • Park and stride (this is if you drive a little, park your car and then walk for around 10 minutes to school.
  • Other

* (not considered active travel)

It is the class teachers job to log this and award badges at the end of each month. If your child is unable to walk to school but walks home from school, then this will still count as them walking. (Please just ask your child to make this clear to their class teacher)

The children will be awarded badges each month, if they have got to school in any of the active ways listed above, at least once a week, for that month.

We understand that for some children it may not be possible for them to be walk to school, and therefore the Park and Stride option is given to allow the opportunity for those children to earn badges too. Ultimately all we want for the children at Holly Lodge is for them to be fit, healthy and more active.

For more information about Living Streets and the Walk Once a Week scheme please visit the Living Streets website.

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