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Staffing at Holly Lodge (September 2017)



Area of Responsibility



Mrs M Clough


EYFS/Y1 Team Leader

Deputy DSL


Mrs Brown

Mrs Hamer

Mrs Pryor ( Intervention Teaching Assistant)


Miss J Butler

Curriculum Development

Year 1


Mrs A Watson



Mrs Ramsden (Robins)

Mrs Underwood (Puffins)


Mrs K Anderson


Curriculum Development/Visit Coordinator


Year 2


Mrs K Deane



Mrs Heffernan (Chipmunks)

Mrs Dowdell (Rabbits)


Mrs T Wheelhouse


Curriculum Development

Year 3


Mrs C Dancer




Mrs L Sykes


Deputy Head




Curriculum Development




Mrs Nile

Mrs C Moreton-Ford


Curriculum Development


Year 4

Mr D Drew


Year 2/ 3 / 4 Team Curriculum Development Lead


Mrs Sherry


Mrs Ogilvie


Maths Lead


Year 5


Miss K Midworth


Curriculum Development Lead




Mrs Grinsell


Miss S Hawton



Year 6


Mr M Smith


Year 5 / 6 Team Leader


Mrs Brade


Ms T Weller


RE / Music


Inclusion manager / DSL – Carol Pedley

Intervention Teacher:

Mrs Vincent

Mrs Sanghavi

Mrs Lampitt

Intervention Teaching Assistants:

  1. Mrs A Pryor
  2. Mrs J Young
  3. Mrs S Joel
  4. Mrs H Legge

Curriculum Development Team:

Mr D Drew (lead)

Miss K Midworth (lead)

Mrs T Wheelhouse

Miss C Moreton-Ford

Miss Butler

Mrs Anderson

Mrs H Legge

HLTA Cover teachers -

Victoria Bolden

Helen Legge

Jackie Young

George Fitzclarence


Year 1,2,3 General TA support –

Brenda Rawlings


Year 4,5,6 General TA support /HLTA Y5&6–

George Fitzclarence

Senior Leadership Team: Steve Meakin (HT), Cheryl Dancer (DHT), Carol Pedley (Inclusion Manager)

Maddy Clough (Rec/Y1 TL), Dan Drew (Y2,3,4 TL), Mark Smith ( Y5/6 TL)

PE / Sports Coach

Ryan Millis