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Home Learning

Each half-term, the children will be given a creative task related the learning they will be doing in class. Children may present their learning in any way they wish and be prepared to share what they have learnt with the rest of the class. Below are the topics for the Autumn term that we would like children to research and present. A minimum of 30 minutes should be spent on the task.

Parents will be invited in once each half term to view the learning, as part of a class museum.


Home Learning

Autumn 2017  Creative Task


                    Due: 18th September

Year 1

Visit (or find out about) the seaside.

Year 2

Visit (or research) a famous London landmark.

Year 3

Choose an aspect of the Stone Age that interests you.

Year 4

Find out about Ancient Greece/Greek gods.

Year 5

Find out about space travel.

Year 6

Choose an aspect of the Vikings that interests you.

Your home-learning will form part of your class museum.  You can present your learning in any way you like – the more creative the better.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Write a story/poem/play/diary/book/leaflet
  • Produce a photo diary
      • Poster/painting
      • 3D model/sculpture
      • Food
      • music
      • Power point/imovie
      • Or..........

                                                      Have fun!

You can ask an adult to help you but it must be mainly your own work.